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I don’t think I ever expected anything like an Oscar ever, to tell you the truth. That is not my motivation when I do these roles. I really am motivated by being able to work with great people and create a body of work that I can look back and be proud of.- Leonardo DiCaprio

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what a summer it has been.

shit, what the past seven summers have been.

but for some reason this one was special.

i can honestly say something inside of me has changed due to amazing folks i met on the warped tour and their infectious auras. 

there is a red energy building within my being and it’s warm and it’s positive and it’s fucking beyond stoked to be alive.

i’m hearing, seeing, tasting everything differently now.

with an unfiltered, unprejudiced, and light heart i am saying thank you for allowing me to create art and express myself however i see necessary.

even at my worst you’ve been there and i can only hope that part of me is with you at both your highest highs and lowest lows. 

i am not here to preach but to simply thank you.

you may not consciously know it, but you have made me aware of how lucky i am to breathe and be alive and share my feelings with you through song.

the future has me more than excited, but the now is where we are and all we have so i’ve challenged myself to make the most of this while i still have it. 

i promise i will do my damnedest to not let you down.

that being said, we teamed up with daniel gomes once more to create a music video for one of my favorite tunes on forever halloween…RUN.

once more,

thank you from the depths of my being.





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Some walks you have to take alone.

Her: We finish each other’s s-
Me: -ocial justice rants.

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Things I Need

  • good skin
  • $$$$$
  • a tall boy that will worship me and tell me i’m pretty 

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does anyone else get friend-jealous really easily?

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Most humans are never fully present in the now, because unconsciously they believe that the next moment must be more important than this one. But then you miss your whole life, which is never not now.
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